Writing a long about me page is going to take me ages to finish. I would just answer these questions and I hope you will know me a little bit more from this point 🙂


Personal FAQ :

+ What is your nationality / ethnicity?

I am an Indonesian born Chinese and I’m currently living in Melbourne, Australia.

+ What do you do in Australia ?

I am a 3D Artist and working part-time as a food blogger. I partnered up with my girl   Vonny and now I’m creating my personal platform named THE COASTAL MUSE.

+  What kind of person are you?

Laid back. I have been living in Australia for a couple years now,  it kind of changed my lifestyle. I prefer to relax at home and listen to music or read books. Sometimes I could care less of what I wear. T-shirt, jeans and leather jacket are my best friends. I own quite a number of sneakers as well.

Brunch and coffee are something that I am always up for!

+ What is THE COASTAL MUSE for you?

THE COASTAL MUSE is a platform for me to jolt down all of my inspirations and ideas. I love to share my personal experience, art inspirations and life style.

Being in the creative industry has led me to explore more of what my creativity had to offer aside from doing my work as a 3D Artist. I like photography, read books, listen to music and write a story. It seems like writing a blog becomes a good opportunity for me to pour down my creativity online.

+ What are your favourite brands?

Clothing & Accessories : Adidas Original, Nike, Asics Tiger, Birkenstock, COS, Marcs, Zara, Calvin Klein, Neuw, Stylenanda and other brands which I could not remember all the names.

Skincare : Aēsop, Lush and L’Occitan

Make up : Real Techniques Brushes, CLIO, HERA, Laura Mercier, Shu Uemura, Yves Saint Laurent, bareMinerals, Hourglass, NARS, Too Faced, Smashbox, etc.