The First, Out of Many

First post, yay!
A short introduction might be a great option to introduce this newbie to this blogging community. So without further ado, let’s jump onto the next paragraph!

Hi, my name is Silvany. Call me Vany or Van. Or you could also call me Silvany. Just don’t mispronounce it as Stephanie or Tiffany, or even Sylvia! (C’mon dude, my name is waaayyy different from Sylvia – although some people had literally called me as Sylvia back then!)

This post is not going to be a long one. Don’t worry!

First of all, I believe some people may come up with this kind of questions in the future. Why did you name your blog as The Coastal Muse? Do you have any particular reason behind your blog? Is this your full time job?

The answers are :

  1. The Coastal Muse was not my first intention when it comes to name. I was after something with winter feeling. But I do like the word Muse at the end of it. Unfortunately, someone has taken the name of Winter so I had to brainstorm of what other things that caught my interest. It landed on ‘coastal’. I used to live in tropical country. So you could say I love beach more than mountain. I love the sea. Coastal is something that is also earthly – which I personally fond of. Muse came from urban dictionary where people nowadays acknowledge muse as a person who inspired others.
  2. Particular reason behind this blog is because I want to pout all my ideas and thoughts onto something that stays ‘still’. Imagery and writing are my allies.
  3. This is not my full time job. But I’d love to contribute more to this blog in every single spare time I have.

Now that we have all questions covered, the other things that I’d love to let you guys know are that I live in Melbourne and I’m currently still enrolled in university. Also, I will be graduating this year. I’m doing Creative Arts program where I make 3D Animation, Motion Capture and Visual Effects.

This post is a little bit a cliff hanger for you guys, but it wouldn’t be fun to spill everything out, would it?

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